The back story

I've owned a mountain bike for the last decade but it never really got used that much until the last four years.  A combination of no biking knowledge, few bikey friends and a penchant for the gym meant that I hadn't really ever taken it that far out the shed.

But I was looking for a new adventure so decided to go on the biking holiday I'd always been talking about and found myself out in Luchon with A Quick Release. That was 2010.

After a rocky start to my first racing season racing for Cotic - AQR in 2011 (which involved said rock and my pelvis - I didn't fare well) I've dabbled in endurance mountain biking racing and last year stage racing too. 

So far, broken pelvis aside, my adventures have gone pretty well and have included winning the European & National 24hr Solo championships in my first race at that distance in 2012 and retaining my National jersey in 2013. 

2014 brings the opportunity for yet more racing and non-racing bike escapades, a late in life biking start leaves you wanting to do it all - this minute.  I've got a few things planned and I hope there will be many more besides.  

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